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Secure high speed fiber optic internet services for businesses 

Most businesses rely heavily on internet for their daily operations. With poor internet service, your operations come to a screeching halt. This can cost your business a lot in terms of missed deadlines and lost revenue.

Additionally, security is vital to keep your work and private information from hackers or even your competitors. You  don’t want criminals accessing your clients’ financial details or private business information. With this being said, our main focus for high-speed fiber optic internet for businesses is based of 5 core aspects:

  • Mobility services connect you to America’s most reliable network1 and can help keep your business moving forward. Our devices and services are built for flexibility and productivity, to help improve the day-to-day efficiency of your employees, and the way they interact with your customers.
  • AT&T Business Fiber provides your business with fast, symmetrical download and upload speeds to help you quickly and easily transfer large files, stream video, handle transactions, and support business applications. As a result, your business can get more things done, reach more clients, and sell more goods by working faster and smarter.
  • Security features include multiple tools you can use to protect your business. AT&T Active Armor™ features 24/7 proactive internet security to help block malicious threats from ever reaching your devices2. AT&T also offers dynamic IP addresses, which are assigned from a pool and can change any time your business accesses the internet. If you need a distinct web presence using IP addresses that never change, you can order static IP addresses in blocks of 8, 16, or 32 for additional monthly charges.
  • Support includes an on-site technician to install and configure the AT&T-provided fiber broadband gateway with your user ID and password, and if necessary, to add static IP addresses and instruct you on how to connect devices to the gateway.Youalsogetaccesstoa24/7helpdeskstaffedbyhighlytrainedtechniciansforongoingsupport.By providing expert, business-class customer care, AT&T provides a smooth service experience.
  • Voice and Email accounts keep you connected to your customers. One primary email address and 10 additional email addresses are included for each account. You can also add up to 6 lines with AT&T Phone for Business and enjoy advanced digital phone sound quality, reliability, and great pricing with no need to upgrade to complex equipment.

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